Menu prices are assuming payment will be made with cash or check. For customer convenience we do accept credit cards, but must pass along a small "service fee" which credit card processors charge for their service.

Carbon filtered ice water is complementary with your purchase of a beverage. As your sole beverage ..... $1.25

Our Famous Buffalo Style Wings Since 1982

Specialty Wing Sauce Feature -- Honey Hot (+$1/ 6,10 + $2/ 25 )

6 Wings
- $8.99

10 Wings
- $14.99

25 Wings
- $34.99

Starters and Sides

Crispy Dill Pickle Chips
~ Battered, deep-fried dill pickle slices served wih a side of Eben's appetizer sauce. - $5.99

Tater Kegs
~ Crispy jumbo tater tots stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese, with a side of appetizer sauce. - $6.99

Ole Smoky Tennessee Whiskey
~ Great to enjoy after your meal. Choose from Apple pie, Cookie dough, Mango Habanero, or Butter pecan flavors. Sooo good !!! - $3.00/ shot

Grandpa's New Girlfriend
~ Raspberry Cream Ale -- from In-Law Brewery - Pint, Pilsner, Liter

Flight Boards
~ Sample four of our 20 draft selections in mini mugs, serve on a board. - $8.00 -- $10.00

Mac, Tomato, & Beef Soup
- Cup-$3.59 Bowl-$4.59

Corned Beef & Cabbage Soup
- Cup-$3.59 Bowl-$4.59


Fish Fry
~ Your choice of beer-battered or freshly breaded haddock, deep-fried to a golden brown. Served with choice of potato, vegetable, and a house salad. - $18.99

Hearthside Sizzler
~ Tender, juicy, and flavorful USDA Choice 9 oz. flat iron steak char-broiled to your preference. Served with choice of potato, vegetable, and a house salad. - $16.99

Mesquite Pork Ribeye
~ A tender 8 oz. char-broiled mesquite flavored pork ribeye steak. Served with choice of potato, vegetable, and a house salad. - $15.99

Honey Hot Chicken
~ 8 oz. boneless chicken filet char-broiled and brushed with honey hot sauce. Topped with bacon crumbles and chopped green onions. - $15.99

Sandwich and Burger Favorites

Cheeseburger Platter
~ 1/2 lb. Certifed Angus Beef burger served with melted cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato, with a side of fries. - $13.99

Samuel Partridge
~ 1/2 lb. burger topped with melted American cheese, bacon, and garlic mayo. Served with a side of fries. - $14.99

Chicken Fillet Platter
~ Grilled chicken breast, plain or Cajun style, served on a Kaiser roll with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and fries. - $12.99

Buffalo Chicken Breast Strips
~ 1/2 lb. breaded, deep-fried chicken breast, coated with your choice of mild, medium, hot, or x-hot wing sauce. Served with fries and a side of homemade bleu cheese dressing. - $11.99

Hot Beef or Hot Turkey Platter
~ Your choice of thinly sliced, slow roasted beef top round or roast turkey breast served with fries and homemade gravy. - $11.99

Grilled Chicken Salad
~ Choose either grilled plain, mesquite, or Cajun chicken pieces, served over a bed of mixed greens and fresh vegetables with a side of your favorite dressing. - $12.49

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Platter
~ Breaded, deep-fried chicken breast fillet with choice of wing sauce on a Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato. Served with bleu cheese dressing and a side of fries. - $13.49

Impossible Burger
~ A plant base "beef burger". Looks and tastes like beef, but is made entirely from plants. Served on a grilled Kaiser roll with mayo, lettuce, and tomato, with a side of fries. - $12.99

Dessert Features

~ Combo brownie and chocolate chip cookie stuffed with chocolate chunks and chocolate chips on a layer of warm chocolate fudge sauce. Topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped topping, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a maraschino cherry. - $6.99

Homemade Fresh Fruit Pies
~ Locally grown fruit in a tasty, buttery crust baked in the north country -- apple, bumble berry, or strawberry rhubarb. - $5.49

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
~ Sweet Streets Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie loaded with dark chocolate and peanut butter mousse. - $5.99

~ A slice of delicious homemade cheesecake finished with your choice of strawberries, cherries, blueberry or caramel apple topping. - $6.99